"The Resolution Project" Profile

Problem: With the release of many new digital audio formats - lossy encodes like MP3, AAC, and WMA, standard CD resolution (16-bit, 44.1kHz) and high-resolution stereo and surround (24-bit, 96 & 192kHz) - there was no easy and "accurate" way to qualitatively compare these different formats.

Solution: Generator created "The Resolution Project" DVD-Audio Disc, allowing professionals and consumers, for the first time, to audition differences between audio resolutions on one easily played disc.
Two musical selections - a classical string quartet in an historic church and a jazz trio before a live club audience - were simultaneously recorded from the same electrical sources. Released on the DVD-Audio format, these different audio resolutions can be played on readily available DVD-A compatible players without any interruption of the audition process. Seven prominent pro audio companies participated and contributed: Dolby Labs, Monster Cable, DPA Microphones, Genex Recorders, Steinberg Media, Great River Electronics, and Minnetonka Audio Software.

Results: 12,000 discs were distributed by the seven participating companies, and "The Resolution Project" achieved industry, press, and critical acclaim. It remains unique and noteworthy, and each company involved remarked on the clarity and effectiveness of the message, as well as Generator's high level of organization and creativity. Professional audio engineers, consumers, and hi-fi showrooms across the country and in Europe have used the disc to audition resolution differences for themselves.

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