Generator has invented, originated, enhanced, and marketed a wide variety of products, including hardware, software, and processes. Click on any of these examples for the website link, and click on "Profile" to read more about the project's "Problems, Solutions, and Results", including downloads and further links.

Curve System product line photo. Curve System product line (Profile)
KikBrik product photo inside blue bass drum. KikBrik innovative kick drum damper (Profile)
Three discWelder product covers. discWelder DVD-Audio software (Profile)
Resolution Project cover art. The Resolution Project DVD-Audio disc (Profile)
PDF Healthcare logo. PDF Healthcare Working Group (Profile)
Dolby Media Producer screenshot. Dolby Media Producer software
Loud Neighbors CD cover art. Loud Neighbors music services

Great River Smilin' Mike print ad.
Great River Electronics "Smilin' Mike" print ad