PDF Healthcare Profile

Problem: The availability, portability, and security of healthcare records have been severely limited by the persistence of paper-based technology. Individuals, institutions, and healthcare providers have seen no benefit from digital advances, and efforts to date have been hampered by the proprietary nature of single-vendor systems.

Solution: In January 2005 Generator met with Adobe Systems executives to propose using the Adobe PDF standard for healthcare records (the original PDFH Scenario is available here as a - what else? - PDF download). In January 2006 Generator LLC joined Adobe, Intel, the American Academy of Family Physicians, Northrop Grumman, Merck, and others in creating the inaugural PDF Healthcare Working Group.
John Calder served as chair of the Security and Privacy Committee and on the Marketing Committee. The Working Group developed a Best Practices Guide and Implementation Guide for PDF Healthcare (released in Q3 of 2007). Ongoing work includes several Demonstration Projects and CCR/CDA Integration, as well as promoting the use of PDF as a secure, universally accessible transport container for personal and institutional healthcare records.

Results: Wide-reaching acclaim for PDF Healthcare has come from patients, healthcare practitioners, administrators, software vendors, and standards organizations. This will help make healthcare information exchange painless by making patient data immediately accessible to those who need it most - doctors and their staff. PDF Healthcare will accelerate secure healthcare data transport and processing, resulting in safer, more affordable care.

Read Generator's original PDF Healthcare Proposal (PDF, 36K)


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