I'm John Calder, and sound has been central to my life since I was a teenager playing in a surf band. I've had a lot of experience in a wide variety of successful sound projects, and I always look forward to the next one (see the Contact page).

I've helped create a lot of happy listeners while sharing a Platinum Record, a Gold Record, a Gold Reel, a Monitor Award, a Muse Award, and an AZA Top Honors Award.

For music, film, TV, theater, museums, zoos, websites, and DVDs; in mono, stereo, and surround; from Neil Diamond to “Frontline”, Los Angeles to Milan, I've helped craft memorable experiences that exceeded expectations.

Clients and co-creative collaborators include musicians, mixers, engineers, producers, directors, scriptwriters, copywriters, art directors, videographers, editors, curators, managers, manufacturers, acousticians, CEOs, COOs, CCOs, dreamers, thinkers, inventors, and anyone looking for better sound.

It's all about exceptional audience involvement. Give a call or send an email – we can discuss your hopes, dreams, and budget constraints.