KikBrik Profile

Problem: Products offered to improve the sound of the drum set by damping inherent resonances, especially in the bass (kick) drum, have been solely based on physically damping the drumheads. This is not ideal for sound because drums are acoustic spaces, not simply vibrating membranes.

Solution: The KikBrik™ wa s the first and only acoustically designed kick drum damper. The patent-pending design, developed for drummers, recording engineers, and live-sound engineers, was based on acoustical science and 30 years experience in recording and drumming. The KikBrik core was formed from specially manufactured high-density multi-layered recycled cotton. This proprietary material "treats" the inside of the drum like an acoustician would treat a recording studio to eliminate unwanted reflections and resonances. The KikBrik greatly improved the kick drum's sound while its sonic "signature" remains intact.

Results: Introduced in late Q2 2007, the KikBrik received excellent reviews (see below), inspired dedicated users, and kick-started (sorry!) a growing dealer network. Because of the 'Brik, many more kick drums made their owners happier.

“... the KikBrik is both innovative and effective, giving you a wide variety of options with which to improve your kick sound.” Modern Drummer Magazine
“We put the KikBrik in and tuned the drum, and it's one of the coolest bass drum tones I've ever recorded.” Tape Op Magazine

The KikBrik is no longer manufactured.

Read the original KikBrik Press Release ( PDF, 103K)

KikBrik product photo inside blue drum.