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Problem: In 2002, Minnetonka Audio Software Inc, (MASI) had declining revenues on existing products, and nonexistent sales for a DVD-Audio authoring application, when John Calder became Marketing Director.

Solution: The DVD-Audio product ("A-plus", $2K MSRP) was re-created as "discWelder Steel", given a reduced feature set, and positioned at a very diskWelder image with sparks flying.attractive (and very newsworthy) price. The logo and graphics were designed to appeal to the pro music sector using saturated color and an arresting welder's shower of sparks. Existing products (SurCode audio encoders for Dolby Digital and DTS) were re-packaged in the same DVD-style case with bright new graphics and more price categories. The discWelder product line was successfully extended over a range of price points and end users - Bronze ($99), Steel ($495), and Chrome ($2495).

Results: Without the benefit of an advertising budget, the discWelder line established a new product category (affordable DVD-Audio authoring), and made MASI well-known in the audio media world. It also gave the existing SurCode product line new life. After only two years of rebuilding, John's branding efforts increased MASI's gross revenues by 32%, while instituting new cost accountability measures and manufacturing savings. The upward revenue trend continued after John left MASI, and the discWelder line also opened profitable strategic alliances with larger audio manufacturers that continues today.

Read the original discWelder Brochure( PDF, 173K)

discWelder Steel product photo.


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