Curve System Profile

Problem: Diffusion is the key element in natural-sounding acoustic spaces, and acoustic absorption products had unfortunately become the main go-to product for do-it-yourself studio builders as well as professional acousticians. The acoustics-on-demand industry was also suffering from a near-monopoly by one company of a single type of expensive diffusor product, called a “phase grating”, with the resulting lack of alternate commercially-available diffusor products.

Solution: In March of 2010, I approached Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. (ASI) with a new product category proposal I had been considering for a long time: affordable polycylindrical diffusion. This highly-effective type of diffusor was first conceived and deployed in the 1930's and had since fallen out of use. While some information about this diffusor type was available online, there were no viable commercial polycylindrical diffusors. Our version of this classic acoustic tool is modular, moveable, affordable, and solves the problems previously associated with “polyround” diffusors.

Results: By manufacturing three different profiles of polycylindrical diffusor, as well as matching absorber and corner trap units, both the DIYer and professional acoustician now have affordable options in creating natural-sounding acoustic spaces. Product usage examples and combination guides are available to help anyone seeking intelligent solutions to acoustical problems, and the availability of this modular, professional-looking product line in many color and finish options presents a new opportunity to create great-sounding, great-looking rooms for any purpose.

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