Merging Marketing and Product Development

The best product development is guided by marketing experience.
The best marketing is guided by product development experience.
We combine the power of both.

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GENERATOR is experienced at developing innovative products and at creating persuasive marketing, so we can help you build clear product functionality and communicate clear product benefits. Each discipline compliments the other. Though it makes sense, our efficient combination of marketing and product development is rare.

Our goal is 'apparent simplicity' - your products and marketing appear simple to your customer. This works well because everyone's lives are complex. Creating apparently-simple marketing and developing apparently-simple products is not simple it only appears that way after we've employed a lot of inventive thought and experience.

GENERATOR is idea power at your service. If you understand that outside innovation can be highly effective, GENERATOR is your friend. We offer standout marketing and product development, separately or as one integrated service. Please visit the Resources page for more information.

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GENERATOR LLC is my company - my name is John Calder. We feature strong creative alliances with other high-level professionals. I welcome your call at 612-702-9770.

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"Exuberance is beauty."